Recognized as a leading information-based technology company, this fortune 200 financial services company believes that innovation is powered by perspective and that teamwork and respect for each other lead to superior results.

In 2017, this company created an internal associate learning hub for technology training. This new initiative aimed to transform the company's approach to enabling their associates with the technical and leadership skills they need to be successful in current and future roles. I was part of a consulting team that helped in the creation of the learning materials for topics on DevOps, Cloud Encryption and Cloud Computing.

My role as the user experience designer was to work closely between the client product owners and the consulting agency topic leaders,  to transform the information into easily digestible visual training materials for employee learning classes.

Project: Educational Materials, Booklets, Poster

Client: Capital One

Agency: SingleStone Consulting

Consultant Partners: Kate Cooper, Ryan Shriver, Don Mills

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Capital One

Educational Workbook